For Media

GENeS tailors its services to the needs of journalists, whether print, online, broadcast, freelance or blogger. We work to the timeline of the media, from the immediacy of broadcast to the long lead-time of a magazine feature.

We are equally at home taking in-depth requests from specialist reporters as from general assignment reporters handed a science story by their newsdesk. GENeS can act as an impartial consultant on stories, and while we cannot answer scientific questions we will find the people who can.

The services GENeS provide are also valuable to policy professionals, NGOs and any organization engaged in public conversations about genetics and biotechnology.

By drawing on a database of contacts from research institutions across North America, GENeS provides a connection to the scientific community in the following ways:


Before News Breaks - third party analysis of new research Staff members scour through embargoed releases from scientific journals and organizations. When a story looks like it would benefit from broader scientific context or analysis, we reach out to researchers with relevant expertise* and send their responses to writers ahead of publication.
After News Breaks - scientific reaction to current events When big stories with strong science angles are in the headlines - such as disease outbreaks, policy developments or newspaper investigations - we ask researchers if they can quickly provide us with their reaction. We send this directly to journalists and publish immediately on our website.
Individual Inquiries - finding the best scientific contacts GENeS acts as a match-making service for reporters who need expert contacts, whether for background information or direct quotation. GENeS staff will help reporters find the right experts for whatever angle they are pursuing. This service is also available to anyone publicly engaged in genetics and biotechnology issues.

*We choose which scientists we work with on stories carefully. For more information see How GENeS Picks Stories and our Operating Principles.