Operating Principles

The mission of the Genetic Experts News Service is to encourage accurate, evidence-based public discourse on genetics and related issues by promoting the expertise and opinions of the scientific community.

Our core philosophy is that the most robust evidence should underpin wider debates about science and technology, independently of commercial, ideological or political agendas.


GENeS will:

  • Focus on issues and stories that are both newsworthy and have public impact.
  • Source experts who represent mainstream viewpoints within scientific fields.
  • Source expertise on individual stories from relevant scientific fields.
  • Increase the pool of scientific expertise available to the media and the public.
  • Ensure complete editorial independence from all funders and associated organizations.
  • Encourage quality of public information over quantity of media coverage.
  • Faithfully represent the expertise and views from the scientific community.


GENeS will not:

  • Perpetuate false balance by seeking out experts whose opinions run counter to mainstream science.
  • Promote the opinions of experts on matters unrelated to their field of expertise.
  • Give or take money or other benefits for disseminating comments from experts.
  • Take a position on any scientific issue.
  • Promote any agenda other than the accurate communication of science.
  • Claim to ‘speak for science’.


For information on how GENeS chooses stories and finds scientists to comment, see How GENeS Picks Stories.