About Us

Genetic Experts News Service (GENeS) is a nonprofit science communication initiative dedicated to ensuring that the expertise and opinions of the scientific community on genetics and biotechnology issues are readily available to the media and public. We aim to be a clearinghouse for scientific analysis on current and emerging topics.



  • For journalists, policy professionals and the public to have access to the best scientific expertise on genetics, biotechnology and related issues
  • To ensure that new scientific developments are reported in an accurate and measured way
  • To encourage more scientists to engage with media and public debates more effectively
  • To push back against misinformation about genetics and biotechnology


How does GENeS work?

GENeS follows the news agenda and facilitates scientists to engage on issues, recognizing the importance of accurate scientific information for public debate, attitudes and policy.

Staff members identify issues that are getting public attention and proactively source and circulate expertise from research institutions across North America. We also take inquiries for expert contacts, using our network to identify scientists who can provide the best expertise.


Who is GENeS for?

The service is designed primarily to offer resources to journalists, including specialist and general assignment reporters, broadcast producers and bookers, news editors, freelancers and bloggers. We get timely information to reporters and work to news media deadlines. For information on the services GENeS provides for journalists, see here.

We also work with policy professionals who want access to robust scientific information and organizations engaged in public debate around genetics and biotechnology.

GENeS works closely with researchers and public information officers from scientific institutions and provides support, encouragement and advice to researchers doing media engagement. For information on how we collaborate with researchers and public information officers at research institutions, see here.

Ultimately, GENeS is concerned with getting robust information to the public.  All the information we send to journalists is posted on this website, but we are unable to respond to requests for expert contacts from interested members of the public.


What topics does GENeS cover?

We cover any topic in which genetics or biotechnology plays a role, be it agricultural, environmental, human or medical. In addition to pure science stories, we provide the scientific community’s perspective on social, legal and ethical issues.


Is GENeS a media outlet?

No, but GENeS complements reporting on genetics. We consider journalists, in particular those with specialisms in science, medicine, agriculture, food and the environment, as fundamental for public understanding of scientific issues.


Does GENeS do public relations?

We are not a PR agency and do not aim to protect or advance the public profile of any scientific institution, researcher or field. GENeS has elements of both a specialist newsroom and press office; producing material on stories of public interest but primarily providing a resource for reporters.


For more information on how we choose stories and source expertise, see How GENeS Picks Stories and our Operating Principles.